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10 Things I am Frustrated with in the Desire HD and Android!
Hi Guys/Gals -

I absolutely adore the phone and the OS but these are some of the pet peeves I have - can anyone assist with any of these?

1/ The basic mail client will sync with exchange and is quite good, but it lacks some of the features that I need - My inbox has many (100's) of sub folders - so if I want to file an email I have to choose the folder to file it, but I have to scroll through 999 folders if the folder I want to file the email in starts with a "Z"

I downloaded "Touchdown Exchange Mail" which is excellent and allows for an "expanding tree" type filing system - however I cant seem to un-install the original included mail client - therefore every time I get an email - I need to clear the alrt on the today screen from two progams??

2/ The same thing as above happens with any messaging client - I cant un-install the original messaging part on the original rom - the app can not be removed

3/ I can not find a free reader that will read Ebook files (mostly pdf) and let me "select text" - I found a few that let you highlight text.... I read a lot of text books in PDF and want to "cut" out bits of info for my own notes - IE take several key points out of several books and put into one single notepad file...

The paid readers and some free ones let you do this, but only with "purchased" books from their store - Even the Kindle app has no way to cut and paste text?

4/ I cant seem to find out how to have a "tone" for an email and a different one for a text etc - it just seems as if I have one single notification sound?

5/ I get emails in the middle of the night which means that the email tone is activated - it annoyingly wakes me up.... I was told you can flip the phone over to silence it.. but this does not work with notifications...IE yes the phone wont ring but the email noise goes off in emails - I can silence the ringer and therefore the email notification but then if there is an emergency call on teh phone at night I wont hear it. Basically I want to silence email notifications - but I still need to be pulling them down at night time... I also need to be able to flip the phone in a meeting and have it make no sounds... I could live with having the phone flipped at night and not hearing any calls or emails - so long as the alarm still works to wake me.

6/ I watched the AMAZING demo on the phone for Gooogle Voice Actions - on this demo - the gentleman simply says "Send text to Mr X" then compiles his text or email by voice........ I am not sure if this only works in the USA - but it sure does not work here ------ I have tried saying the exact same words "send text" or "send email" or "Play florence and the machine" however alll it does is open a browser and do a google search with those exact words.... IIE if I said "play ACDC thunderstruck" it opens the browser and searches for "play ACDC thunderstruck" the same goes with text messages saying " send text to" opens a browser searching for "send text to" I have tried other handsets and the same results - however "navigate to" does work.

7/ They should have left an edge on the screen that is not touch capacative - its insane it is almost impossible to hold such a big device in your hand without touching the front of it and activating the touch screen in some way, especially if you are taking the device out of a cradle or your pocket ...there should have been some space for fingers

8/ Its annoying that there is no standardisation for the micro USB port location - I can buy a lot of apple docking stations - but there is not a standard for Android devices.... I have a BBQ coming up, and I can stream sure, but a docking speaker set would have been excellent

9/ The android store should allow you to search by "star rating by catagory" I would love to see the 5 star apps for what I am looking for ... I dont want to search for music player and on the 12th page find the 5 star one that I want.... or worse still not find it... I do have a few of those apps that recommend apps - but this should be on the website... a simple filter.

10/ NOPE there is no 10 -- I love this phone .....I am being picky I know but - these things would really help

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