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Detecting water leaks under the tiles
Detecting water leaks under the tiles

Some customers may think that the process of detecting water leaks in the home is a difficult or complicated matter, but this matter is incorrect. This may be true, but in the past, but today, with the advancement of devices for detecting the problem of water leakage, available to the water leak detection company, today it has become one of It is easy to detect the problem of water leaks in the house quickly and get rid of it immediately without the need to break the house from the inside. The steps for detecting water leaks are as follows:

 Today, there are many indicators by which you can identify the presence of leaks under the tiles or not. In the case of severe pumping of water, it was clear evidence of leaks in the pipes or that the taps that work in the house have malfunctions, and it is better to get rid of these problems through specialists .
The presence of tanks in buildings is one of the things that lead to water leakage under the tiles, which is due to the speed of pumping water from these tanks to the water taps.
 The bathtub is one of the important factors through which it is possible to detect the presence of water leaks under the tiles. In the event that the lack of the bathtub water level was evidence of a water leakage, it must be disposed of.
The presence of moisture in bathrooms and kitchens specifically indicates the presence of a water leakage problem, which is one of the problems that it is best to get rid of immediately so that the foundations of the house are not affected later and expose you to risks.

The latest methods used to detect water leaks
Recently, many different ways have emerged that enable technical workers to detect water leaks in the walls. Those newly used devices depend on the sound that water makes when it leaks from the pipes, and individuals have to know where that sound comes from in order to get rid of that problem in the first place and from In order to maintain the basic structure of the house, its decorations and paint from the inside, the process of repairing all these problems may cost some of us a lot of money. Among the methods used today to detect water leaks in the house are the following:

 Gas is one of the characteristics used today by a group of professional engineers to identify the presence or absence of a water leakage problem, and today it is among the most accurate techniques used to detect the presence of water leaks.
The sound vibration feature, which is also one of the features used today by workers in water leak detection companies, and saves a lot of time and effort for workers to detect leaks and these devices are intended to penetrate the water networks that exist in the house and then identify the source of the sound of water and disposal out of that problem immediately.
 Imaging cameras, which are the latest in the world of detecting water leaks. They are thermal devices that track water sources by tracing heat paths in pipes and then detecting the leakage area.
Water leakage under the tile

Protection from the problem of water leakage under the tiles
Customers should adhere to the following tips in order to avoid the occurrence of the problem of water leakage under the tiles in the future, as it is one of the serious problems that threaten the whole family, and it must not be tolerated in solving it immediately.

Protecting water pipes from being clogging, so the water begins to search for other sources in order to get out of them, and the overflow from the bathroom or kitchen sinks, which negatively affects the general appearance and the occurrence of cracks in the floors.
If you are designing your home, you should rely on a group of specialists in the installation of sewage and water networks so as not to make the mistake of not having a lot of water drains in the house and then being exposed to clogging in the long run.
 Cleaning the sinks of the house periodically, cleaning the base of the bathroom and the bathtub, and all the problems that may be exposed to bathrooms or kitchens alike so as not to face the problem of water blockage in the future.
Eliminate water leakage under the tiles
There is no doubt that this problem is one of the serious problems that may cause the demolition of the house in the long run, so it is better to identify all the steps that prevent the occurrence of these problems and get rid of them immediately by the housewives or those who care about it, as it is the responsibility of everyone inside the house.

 If you see signs of water leaks, but they are not clear enough, you should immediately look in the bathtub and basins, as these things are the most common causes of leakage at all.
 That the bathroom be covered with cement so that there are no cracks that could lead to water leaks in the future.
Resorting to waterproofing, which is one of the effective ways to get rid of the problems of bad pipes, as the insulation works to get rid of the fractures and cracks that the pipes suffer from, and then prevent leakage.
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