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Micro SD Card
Hey Everyone, I'm new to this forum but I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I have presently begun using my new HTC Tattoo Android Phone, and I have been very happy for it so far. Sadly I am having a big problem with it's Micro SD card. It came with a 2 gig Micro SD card, which isn't very big if you wish to add music to the device. Luckily I already had a 4 gig Micro SD card and i therefore wish to use this card instead. Sadly I just can't seem to get it to work. No matter how I add music onto the Micro SD card, the music player still says "No Music on device". I have tried copying all the files from the 2 gig to the 4 gig, and then added my music to the Music Folder (in the same folder and manner as the preinstalled music was). This didn't work. Not only didn't it recognize my own music, but it now can't even find the preinstalled music. Furthermore, I have tried wiping the 4 gig, and then adding only music files (so there is only music on it). Despite this, the music player still claims that there is no music on the SD card.

I have tried looking for a search function, so I can show where the music is on the SD card, but haven't found it. I can easily find the music using a File Browsing program, and can even play the music through the file browser. But this only opens the 1 music file in the music player, and it doesn't detect the others, nor does it remember the file it played after I have closed the player.

I don't understand what I am doing wrong, and must admit that it is both tiresome and annoying that adding music has to be so complicated on the Tattoo. I hope that someone can help tell me what I have to do, to change from the 2 gig to 4 gig SD card correctly, and how to add the music to the 4 gig so the player detects it.



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