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DHD vs Desire S battery - piyush123 - 30.04.2011

I've just talked my girlfriend into upgrading her handset to a new Desire S and wow, that has one good battery. I know she isnt using her handset as much as me, but whereas mine can lose without doing anything, she is still on 94% since a charge this morning and not even conditioned.

I know its using Android 2.3 but again wow. Makes me wonder whether to factory restore my DHD.


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DHD vs Desire S battery - abendrise - 12.05.2011

One thing I've found since switching to LauncherPro using one homescreen, 1 widget (Extended Controls), and the 3 docks and even with the same app usage as I had with sense, abusing Facebook and the net etc my battery life seems to have doubled. I think sense batters the battery.