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Desire HD USB Radio - piyush123 - 09.06.2011

Hello All,

I recently replaced my iPhone 3G with a HTC Desire HD.

Best. Upgrade. Ever.

The only thing I miss from my iPhone is the ability to play music via USB over my car's radio. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my Desire HD to do this. Once I plug it into the radio and connect it as a Disk Drive, the radio detects it and says that it is 'Reading' it, but after a few seconds, there is a 'USB Error'.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I can always connect it via the auxillary jack or via BlueTooth but I much prefer USB as it lets me skip through songs via the controls on the radio itself so I can skip through songs while keeping my eyes on the road.

If it makes any difference, my car is a 2010 Kia Rio with the stock sound system.

Thanks in advance for any help.