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Normale Version: HTC G1 battery life
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hey to all fellow g1 fools.

got my phone yesterday morning and i cannot put it down. i know it is still early to ask this but i wanted to ask about the battery life of the phone. after i took it out of the box last night and played around with it for about 1 1/2 hours without charging it first it got down to about 25% power. i plugged it in before a went to bed and it was all charged up and good to go this morning. played around with some of the apps (no browser usage, and no 3G running) on the way to work and about 90 minutes into it power was down to 70%. that seems a bit fast to me. have you guys noticed anything like that or does this seem normal? this is my first smart phone so i have no base for comparisons.

also, can anyone suggest any online stores to buy a replacement battery?


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