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I've written an application for all of you who are still flashing your phones back to old versions to check for and obtain updates via NPS. (I remember those painful days.)

I think everything is pretty much self-explanatory; it will grab the update .zip.enc for you and decrypt it. All you have to do is extract the contents and use the traditional Odin means of flashing your device.

The one thing I ask is that you PLEASE do not do anything to abuse Samsung's update servers. The worst thing that I fear could come of this is that they change the way that their update server works. I'm releasing this strictly because I don't believe they're being fair or practical with the way their firmware updates are being released, especially since we've all noted several times that their own update software is horribly broken.

Note that this requires NPS to be installed, as it uses a library that NPS provides.

So, here's the link:


It hasn't been tested all that much yet, so feel free to report any bugs. I'll try to address them as I have time. Also (sorry for the plug), I'm looking to sell my Galaxy if anyone wants it for a bit less than retail (say, $425). It's in pretty pristine condition...


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