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Normale Version: Please help no sim or memory..
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Just got a myTouch 3G off of eBay. Great phone but It will not read my memory card or sim card. Was told there was a problem but not like this.

Phone Details


HBOOT-1.33.0006 (SAPP30000)



Can get into fastboot and hboot. It is running android 1.6

Phone will boot up just will not read sim card and keep getting the memory card has been unmounted. Is this a software problem? or a hardware problem? Have had some exp with the myTouch so If anyone can just point me In the right direction. Can It be fixed with It not reading memory card?

Can anyone at least tell me Is this a software problem? or a hardware problem? and can It be fixed via ADB because It won't read a memory card.

I can get Into fastboot usb via ADB. Can anyone tell me If anything can be done? Please Help