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Normale Version: Mode Recovery restarting after open or lock
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I'm having a problem in recovery mode, it even comes on screen, but is there for about 5 seconds and the phone restarts again, oh if I do the operations quickly entering any of the options for recovery cell phone lock i have to remove the battery.

Would someone help me please ...... I'm trying to do this to put PsFreedom the PS3, but I can not get out of there.

I did everything, with goldcard root, everything worked, I installed a RUU European and installed okay, now I'm trying to put the recovery by adb: flash_image recovery / sdcard/recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H.img he apparently to do but when I try to enter the home + power happens what I said above, it is in it for about 5 seconds and restarts again cel.



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