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Normale Version: Please, I need help copy file to sdcard
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Hello, I ended up deleting some files from the installation froyo2.2

Now I can no longer turn on the phone,

and I can not bootrecovery.

How could I access the sdcard to install rectools.tar,

I just access the sdcard manages to come through the windows, more windows

does not recognize the sdcard.

Sansug galaxy I 7500 L

Ola, acabei apagando alguns arquivos da instalação froyo2.2

agora não consigo mais ligar o celular,

e não consigo dar bootrecovery.

Como eu poderia acessar o sdcard para instalar o rectools.tar,

eu só consegueria acessar o sdcard através do windows, mais o windows

não reconhece o sdcard.

Sansug galaxy I 7500 L


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